My campaign

This week, I’m focused on creating a social media campaign for Empower You. Essentially, Empower You is a foundation to donate cosmetics to those in need while at the same time promoting proper disposal of cosmetic waste, recycling, and a cleaner environment. We will use recycled materials for packaging and print materials. The main focus is helping people who cannot afford cosmetics to have a few things they can use to feel better physically, emotionally, and mentally. It has been proven that people who look good also feel good.

To create a successful campaign, first I need to know where to market it.

For my social media campaign, I would focus on the sites that I know are most popular, In the top 15 most popular social networking sites, Facebook is number one, with Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter following. With those sites consistently performing better than others, I know I could reach a wider variety of people.

Among many makeup artists, YouTube is a go-to resource. In fact from tutorial videos, I learned a lot of what I know now. YouTubers and beauty vloggers discuss everything from technique to product. I would have an ad for my campaign to be run before makeup tutorials. This would ensure that people everywhere interested in makeup tutorials could be exposed to this campaign.

I would primarily focus my efforts on Youtube, but I would still market on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For all three, I could use the same materials. This way my campaign’s message will stay consistent. A compelling image paired with the campaign’s hashtag and a brief bit of copy to explain the foundation will be successful in reaching people.

Now that my plan of attack is squared away I have to come up with an actual idea for the campaign.

The hashtag I want to use is #EmpoweringAll. For my secondary posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I would like to use photos that show side by side comparisons of women that the foundation has helped, before and after their experience. It is my hope that there will be a dramatic difference with the after photos showing women that look more confident. The copy will be brief and it will invite others to share their stories along with the campaign’s hashtag.

For my ad that I want to air on YouTube videos, I  want it to be a brief walk through of the main goals of the foundation. In that ad, I want to use the women from the photos and have them give a brief statement on how they were helped by the foundation. I also want to show their before and after pictures and the hashtags. This will keep the tone of the campaign consistent.



One thought on “My campaign”

  1. Great social campaign idea! I think YouTube is the perfect platform for this campaign. I would focus on Twitter secondarily. It seems to be a good social platform to attract interest and engagement for cause-related topics. Also, I would think you would use #EmpowerYou to match the name of the foundation?


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