My Proposal

What happens to the makeup that doesn’t sell in stores? There is not a lot of information about what happens to makeup that is pulled off the shelves suddenly. In many cases, there may have been something wrong with the product and it has to be properly disposed of. But what about the seasonal products that get pulled off the shelves and sent back to the vendors? Is it thrown away or recycled for reuse? What about the makeup that sells and then gets returned? When makeup is returned, it automatically gets thrown away.

But this begs the question, why should anyone care?

As a nation, we produce more waste than any other country in the world. I think that we should be doing everything we can to reduce the amount of waste we produce. We should be reusing and recycling as much as we can. But how does this apply to makeup?

I am proposing that a foundation is started to reduce, reuse, and recycle makeup products and packaging. The goals of this foundation are to reduce waste and to empower women everywhere.

For the makeup that is slated for destruction, I am proposing that it is donated to those in need. People who are struggling whether it be financially, physically, or emotionally. In previous articles I’ve touched upon the fact that more than half of women feel more in control, and more confident when wearing makeup. Everyone deserved to feel confident. Makeup may not be helpful to many struggling, but it has been proven that if you look good, you feel better.

For the products that cannot be salvaged or donated, I’m suggesting that retailers make sure they are recycling all of the plastic containers and cardboard packaging. These materials can be reprocessed and reused for any materials that the foundation will need. For example the foundation will take a small box made of recycled materials to hold the products being donated to individuals. This foundation will also need marketing materials that can be printed on paper that has been recycled from discarded packaging. In addition to starting a foundation that will help those in need, I feel strongly about it being green as well.

To start this foundation, I will first need to reach out to the people in charge of large cosmetic retailers. Those people will have to implement changes in the way their companies run. Disposal of products will have to be done carefully so that we can salvage whatever cardboard or plastics possible. I will also need to reach out to vendors asking them to donate the products that they call back after certain promotions.

For this foundation to be successful, it needs a lot of help from companies that want to do good for people and for the environment. I would need donations of product, and restructuring of retailer’s waste disposal guidelines.


Do you know what would be great?

A foundation to empower those in need:

I work in a makeup store and every few weeks we get these orders to destroy products in the field or to send them back to the vendor. What happens then? Vendors send them out to stores like TJ Maxx or Marshalls to be sold at lower prices, or they end up in the dumpster behind the store, destroyed beyond recognition.

I’m proposing a foundation that would work with the big vendors and makeup stores to donate the products slated for disposal. Previous research has shown that makeup can makeup can make women feel more confident but makeup is also expensive. The positive and empowering effects of makeup should not be limited to the women who can afford it. Makeup that is going to be thrown out should be offered to those in shelters and those of low income. No woman should be deprived to the positive feelings that makeup evokes.

A device to help save money:

When it comes to beauty, skincare, and hair care products, we tend to use too much. I propose that we come up with a refillable device. For skincare, it would have 4 compartments that would be labeled ‘cleanser,’ ‘toner,’ ‘serum,’ and ‘moisturizer’. At the push of each button, the appropriate amount of product will be dispensed. This ensures that there is less waste and that people have to buy the products less often. It also ensures that people follow an appropriate skincare regimen so their skin can live up to its potential.

This product can be made in multiple versions, one of which can be a shower unit so that it dispenses the correct amount of shampoo and conditioner. Those products are wasted and overused all the time.

My midterm self-evaluation

Due to the fact that I am more than a little obsessed with makeup, I decided to make it my topic of discussion for this blog. I have written three articles that I believe are very successful. My favorite pieces from this semester are Break out the Warpaint, The most important opinions, and What is a primer.

In writing each piece, the words just poured out of me. I have never been a big fan of writing, but for this topic, I found that I am incredibly passionate, and have quite a bit to say. I feel that my voice is successful because my pieces are well written and well researched. My love of makeup shines through in the pieces that I write.

I thoroughly enjoy writing about makeup and for the second half of the semester I want to spend more time looking into actual makeup companies. I want to write about some of the incredible companies like Tarte and Urban Decay. I also want to write more pieces like my piece on color correction. I love writing about trends and new techniques so I want to pursue some more pieces like that.

I definitely need to start posting more often. I feel like I have so many ideas that sometimes its hard to nail down exactly what I want to talk about. For the rest of the semester, I am going to nail down a schedule and try to post new material twice a week.


My submission plan

My article praises makeup for the way that it inspires and empowers people everywhere. This article successfully puts into words how I feel about makeup. My target audience is people who tend to critique makeup and write it off as a waste of time and money. Makeup should empower people and make them feel like the best version of themselves.

I will submit my article to several places. I will be submitting it to:

For each site, I am able to submit my article online after creating an account.

What is a primer?

Google defines a primer as “a cosmetic applied to the face before another product, intended to improve the coverage and lasting effect of the second product” In addition to that, primers are comparable to double sided tape, they stick to your face and then they stick to your product.

Primers are made for a variety of different products. There are primers for foundations, mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, and even eyebrows. As cosmetics have been around for many centuries, primers are relatively new to the scene. Primers are important because they provide a base for your makeup. That base makes your makeup wear longer and go on smoother.

In addition to making makeup last longer, primers also create a barrier between your skin and your makeup. That barrier prevents a ton of makeup from sinking into your pores. Face primers are available in multiple forms, cream, lotion, powder, water, oil, and gel. Most primers have a silicone base or element for its smoothing properties. There are primers that can target and even help treat certain skin conditions. Smashbox has one of the widest selections of corrective primers. There are primers for hydration, mattifying, sun protection, blemish prevention, pore minimizing, color correction, redness reduction, and radiance boosting.

For those who focus on their eye makeup, eyelid primers are very important. They do a great job of preventing your eye makeup from creasing. In addition, they also make the colors bolder and more blendable. Instead of different formulas for protecting the skin, eyelid primers come in different colors. Urban Decay is a cosmetics company known for their eyeshadow palettes and their eyelid primers. Their primers come in a variety of shades, from shimmers to nude mattes.

Lash primers are becoming more and more popular. They typically come in white which dries clear on the lashes. Lash primers lengthen, separate, and condition lashes before mascara is applied. Lancome has one of the best selling lash primers on the market. Their primer is infused with D-Panthénol and Vitamin E to condition the lashes and help them grow. Lash primers, like other primers, help the product to adhere to the lashes and prevent flaking.

Lip primers are less popular than other primers. They are usually water or gel based. Lip primers are more commonly used with liquid lipsticks. Liquid lipsticks dry matte and tend to dry out lips. Using a primer with a liquid lip will create a barrier that will prevent lips from getting dry and uncomfortable.



Keeping up with the trends

This week I am going to write a how-to for one of the more recent and more popular trends: color correcting. There are many different products that you can use for color correction including lotions, serums, and primers. I’m more focused on the concealers for this article because currently, they are more popular.

Color correction is simply using contrasting colors to correct skin imperfections. Recently, when you walk into a cosmetics store, in addition to a variety of concealers in skin tones, you can find concealers that are green, peach, yellow, baby pink, and lilac. When I’m working, at least once a shift I am approached by someone who is looking to learn about color correction, so I decided that it would be a perfect subject for a little ‘how-to’ piece.

Color correction is a great technique to use because it is simple and it prevents people from painting on thick layers of makeup to hide imperfections.


Let’s start with peach to orange toned concealers. These tones are the most popular because they correct blueness. Where do most people have blueness in their face? Under their eyes. During finals week, peach toned concealers are a necessity for me. Stress and lack of sleep bring everyone’s dark circles out. To use peach tone concealers, I typically recommend using a brush or a beauty blender to apply a small amount under your eyes. Follow with your foundation and typical makeup routine. Because color correctors are usually thin, I wear foundation and a normal toned concealer on top of it.

The next color concealer that everyone is looking for is green. Green is popular because it cancels out redness. Typically green is applied around the nose, on the cheeks, and over blemishes. To apply, use a small brush or beauty blender, and blend until smooth. Follow with your foundation and normal beauty routine.

Up next is yellow. Yellow is kind of a super color because it can correct mild redness and it can be used to cover up purple. If your under eye area is more purple than blue, yellow is going to be your saving grace. I personally do not use a yellow concealer, but I use foundations with yellow tones to cancel out my redness. The technique for yellow tone concealers is the same for peach and green, you can use a small brush to apply under your eyes or wherever mild redness is apparent, then blend out until its smooth. Follow with the rest of your normal makeup routine.

Baby pink is popular with more mature crowds. It brightens dark spots and dullness and is particularly successful in covering sun/age spots. Like the other color correction concealers, apply it with a small brush or beauty blender, blend until smooth, and follow with your foundation.

Lilac is the least important one I’m going to talk about because I feel that it is less popular and many people don’t really like it. Lilacs only really work on fairer folk. If you have any yellow, sallow undertones in your face, purples are going to cancel them out. Same technique as the other colors, apply with a small brush or sponge, blend until smooth, and follow with your normal routine.

Red/deep orange are last, these two are less popular so I’m going to talk about them together. Reds work to cancel out greens while deep orange cancels out deep blues. These are helpful for very dark skin tones and interestingly enough, tattoos. Covering up tattoos with normal skin toned concealers is very difficult. Reds and deep oranges work to cancel out the deep blue/black ink used in tattooing. If you’re going on a job interview and looking to hide a tattoo, apply a bit of red/red-orange lipstick over that you will want to put a skin-toned foundation. The makeup will have to be applied thickly. To ensure that it doesn’t smear or get on your clothes, follow with a really fine setting powder to hold everything in place.

I hope this was an informative piece and even though it wasn’t a step-by-step walkthrough of how to do something, it gives you a good idea of what colors you want to look for to correct any skin imperfections.


The most important opinions

This week I am writing a response to an article I read recently. This article, and others like it, provide women with important information, they provide us with a strategy. The articles I looked at all covered similar topics, makeup trends that men hate. The articles came from reputable sources that as a woman, I go to for all important information, Cosmopolitan, and Allure. It is very important for all women to know what makeup or beauty trends that men find unattractive, how else are we supposed to find boyfriends who will eventually marry us, financially support us and give us children?

So ladies, pay close attention, I’m going to go through several beauty mistakes that men find intolerable. there is a definite trend here and let’s see if you can pick up on it.

First up, a bold lip. “When it comes to lipstick shades… it’s hard to blame them [guys] when every kiss carries the risk of clown face. Keep lips simple with a neutral pink lipstick.” Guys aren’t going to want to kiss you if you’re going to get color smeared all over their mouths! We should not be overdrawing our natural lips and be coloring them in with outrageous colors. Now you should all be going through your lipstick collections and discarding the bright reds, fuschias, and purples. Stick to lipsticks that are a few shades lighter or darker than your natural lip color. While on the topic of your lips, stay away from sticky glosses they are definitely not kissable.

Next up, smokey eyes. Girls, stay away from darker eyeshadows, you’re not doing yourself any favors. “Things can get ugly fast when heavy, dark shadows are piled on top of each other.” stick to the more natural colors, for example, softer browns work wonders to enhance your eyes and draw in potential suitors. In an article on Total Beauty, several guys clearly voiced their disdain for dark smokey eyes, one even stating “If you want to look like a crack head … you are doing a great job.” So help yourself out by getting rid of your dark eyeshadows in favor of a more natural color palette.

Now let’s talk about your skin. Now there are a few different things that men hate when it comes to a woman’s skin, the first on being caked on foundation. On Cosmopolitan, several men stated that this was the worst makeup offense for a woman, “Its always when they put too much makeup to cover stuff up. It makes their face look too smooth. Its too much.” Sticking to a lightweight foundation, minimal powder, and minimal concealer will achieve a more natural look. Heavy foundation makes you look too fake. On the topic of foundations, in addition to buying one that is light weight, you need to be sure that it matches your skin tone exactly. Many men are offended if they can spot a difference in color between your face and body.

While on the topic of face makeup and skin, men also are turned off by too much bronzer of self-tanner. These are both products that make you too orange and can potentially transfer to his clothing. Keep in mind, before you reach for your favorite bronzer or self-tanner, you would probably be better off going to sit in the sun for a more natural sunkissed glow.

Were you able to spot the trend yet? Guys prefer makeup that is natural. They like the no makeup, makeup look because they feel like they are seeing the real you. Too much fake tan, foundation, dark eyeshadow and red lipstick make men feel deceived. They want to see the real you. Guys don’t want to be faked out by a glittery cut crease, flawless contour, and highlight from the gods. If you are seriously looking for a man to marry, you need to leave behind the excessive and eccentric trends and stick to a more natural look. Makeup is not art it is a way to subtly enhance your natural beauty.

Thankfully, there are many articles about makeup trends that men don’t find attractive and they are readily available to all. Just the other day I saw a few articles on Facebook and one headlining Cosmopolitan’s Snap Story. Thankfully, there are many young and impressionable women exposed to these articles so they can learn at a young age what they need to do to make themselves more attractive to men. In closing, I am so very grateful to the men that provide their opinions on makeup. As a woman, I find it difficult to make decisions for myself especially when it comes to makeup so I am grateful for the extra guidance.

**This entire article is meant for satire and it in no way reflects my actual views**